Saturday, May 11, 2013

Great Picture Books for Patience

Patience is such an important topic for young children.  It is certainly not something that comes easily for most children, let alone adults.  Surprisingly it is quite difficult to find really good books to convey patience.  I had only been familiar with a couple of these books.

Llama Llama Red Pajama
by Anna Dewdney
One of our favorites right now, as our three-year-old wants what she wants and wants it NOW.  And it is almost always Mama that she wants.  So patience is a constant discussion point at our house.  This book is sweet and fun.  "Mama Llama's always near, even if she's not right here."  That is my new favorite line!

Remy the Rhino Learns Patience

by Andy McGuire
Remy is terribly impatient, until his horn gets stuck in a tree and he must learn patience the hard way.  Cute illustrations and a nice little story.

The Carrot Seed

by Maurice Sendak
Watching seeds grow takes a lot of work and even more patience.  The young boy in The Carrot Seed does a great deal of both and surprises everyone around him.  I love many of Sendak's books, but this one is so perfectly simple and we adore it.

Owl Moon

by Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenherr
A father and daughter go owling in this Caldecott Medal Winner.  It takes quiet and patience to hear/see the owls.  Beautifully illustrated.

Play With Me 
By Marie Hall Ets
Similar to Owl Moon, this book teaches about nature and how to be gentle and patient with it.  A girl runs after animals and scares them off, but when she sits quietly they come to her.

Patient Rosie 
by Mary Morgan-Vanroyen
This book is perhaps not as subtle as some, so it is perfect for small children to understand that being patient can have it's rewards.

Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake
Michael B. Kaplan, illustrated by St├ęphane Jorisch
I adore chocolate, so this book couldn't be more appropriate.  But I also adore healthy eating.  Betty Bunny must be patient for dessert.  Sweet fun for the kids!

We love new books at our house - if you love any literature on this topic that didn't make my list, please do share!

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